Thursday, May 21, 2015

Soap | Bath Soap | Face Soap | Beauty Soap | Discount upto Rs.5 | Wash Soap | Save Rs.5 | Sufi Classic Beauty Soap

Sufi Classic Beauty Soap is one of best soap in Pakistan.This soap beautify and smooths your skin as well as make your complexion clear white.Sufi soap now offer very good discount on its different soap products like Large pack 120 gm packing is now Rs.30,in past it was Rs.35.And Small pack is now Rs.20 and in past it was Rs.25.This discount offer is valid only for Sufi Classic Beauty Soap packs.Now save Rs.5 for each pack whether it is large or small,same discount is available for both packs.

Sufi Classic Beauty Soap

Large Pack Old Price Rs.35     Now  Rs.30

Small Pack Old Price Rs.25     Now  Rs.20

صوفی کلاسِک بیوٹی سوپ 
نیا انداز بھرپور بچت 
اب پانچ روپے کی بچت کے ساتھ 
تین رنگوں میں دستیاب ہے 
بڑا پیک تیس روپے 
چھوٹا پیک بیس روپے 

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